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According to Researchers, Texas is Running on Borrowed Time for a Local Zika Outbreak

Zika virus in Victoria TexasWhile our main priority at Mosquito Squad of Victoria is helping you to keep your yard mosquito and tick free, we do find it to be imperative we keep you informed on anything relevant in the news regarding vector-borne illnesses. While reports have Zika being transmitted only within Miami, FL, analysts are almost certain the spread of the virus will follow the predicted path. Prior to Zika being transmitted in Miami, earlier this year in March to be exact, University of Texas professor Sahotra Sarkar and a group of researchers developed a map showing the relative risks of U.S. cities for a local Zika outbreak based on both international travel and the prevalence of mosquito types that can potentially carry Zika in the cities researched. The #1 location for the first local Zika outbreak was indeed Miami, FL.

zika virus prevention victoria texasThe disconcerting question is where it will pop up next. After Miami and the Ft. Lauderdale area, Zika was predicted to be spread in Houston and then in Dallas. In addition to the fears of researchers are the shortcomings of Congress in failing to pass additional funding to combat the spread of Zika. It almost appears as though mosquito control will be left to privately contracted companies as the government has not provided anything resembling aid. The climate in our area is perfect for a massive mosquito population which will last long into the fall months as well as the fact the mosquito known to transmit Zika, Aedes aegypti, is extremely common in our area.

asian tiger mosquitoes in victoria texasWith all the uncertainty about when and where the next local outbreak will come from, we want to iterate there are no known local transmissions of Zika within Texas. The best method of combating the potential for an outbreak is to be vigilant. Always remember to follow the “T’s of Mosquito Control” and if you notice mosquitoes in your yard quite often, you should have it treated on a regular basis. The reasoning behind this is that there’s no vaccine or cure for Zika at the moment. This is precisely where Mosquito Squad of Victoria can be of assistance. Our barrier spray can reduce the mosquito population within your yard by up to 90% and if you notice there’s still an abundance of mosquitoes after we perform our spray, simply call us and we’ll return to respray.

mosquito misting system vendor Victoria TXTo find out how to keep your yard mosquito free for the remaining months of high mosquito activity, call Mosquito Squad of Victoria at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at victoria@mosquitosquad.com, fill out the form to the upper right or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Zika-Carrying Mosquitoes are Showing Up in All the Wrong Places…

ZIka prevention victoria texasGloom and doom has been on the horizon, regarding Zika, for the past several months. It seems you simply cannot escape the constant barrage of Zika warnings and updates. One simple fact that creates cause for concern is the distribution of mosquitoes capable of carrying the scary disease. Here, in Victoria, it looks as though we are in one of the less lucky areas concerning mosquitoes which could carry Zika.

mosquito feeding in the evening in victoria txOne factor which makes the map even more disconcerting is the fact that both Aedes albopictus (Asian Tiger) mosquito and the Aedes aegypti mosquito can be found here in Victoria, Texas. Both of these mosquitoes have been deemed carriers of the Zika virus. While there are still zero documented cases of Zika being spread locally within the continental U.S., there have been hundreds of cases of individuals infected with the virus from traveling abroad. Couple this fact with the fact that two of the mosquitoes capable of transmitting the virus can be found around our homes here in Victoria and you can come to a scary hypothesis.

Zika Prevalence Likelihood

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Zika virus in Victoria TexasWhile last year it seemed the big virus was Chikungunya, this year the attention belongs to Zika. While we don’t want to pass off the Zika virus as having “more bark than bite”, it’s quite possible the virus will fizzle out just as did Chikungunya. With that in mind, why even take the risk? Do you want to be guessing if the mosquito which just bit you was infected with a nasty virus? Let the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Victoria alleviate your worries and keep mosquitoes out of your yard. Our barrier spray is up to 90% effective and we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. For season-long protection, all you have to do is pick up your phone today!

presidio la bahiaTo find out how Mosquito Squad of Victoria can keep your yard mosquito free this spring, summer and fall, call us today at (361) 894-8642, email us at victoria@mosquitosquad.com, fill out the form to the upper right or visit our website for more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!