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August is the Month When West Nile Virus Rears its Ugly Head

mosquito exterminator Victoria TXWhile mostly everyone has heard of West Nile virus, not all know what it is and when it’s most likely to be transmitted. West Nile virus is transmitted by a multitude of mosquitoes and primarily affects the young and the elderly the most severely. However, the interesting aspect of West Nile virus is the fact that August is the primary month when we begin hearing of reported cases of the virus. You may think this is late in the season, that’s exactly the point. Mosquitoes have had enough time to feed on birds infected with the virus and then transmit it to humans. This takes time as the mosquito population which is infected with the virus needs to be also in contact with humans.

zika virus prevention victoria texasWhile everyone seems to treat West Nile virus as a minor illness, which it is for most people, there is the possibility for serious, even lethal health concerns. One of the mosquitoes which is best known for transmitting West Nile is the Culex pipens mosquito. Unlike most other mosquitoes, the Culex mosquito actually thrives in environments which experience drought-like conditions. While the mosquito population may be down for nearly every other species of mosquito due to lack of water, the Culex will still remain.

mosquito feeding in the evening in victoria txNo wonder there’s always a case of West Nile virus reported come August. The mosquitoes have been out and feeding for several months now and it will undoubtedly be any day now until we have our first case reported. It’s like clockwork. If you are experiencing mosquitoes in your yard, your best bet is to call the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Victoria. We can ensure, know matter which species of mosquito in question, the mosquitoes within your yard will be knocked down. Unlike other mosquito control companies in Victoria TX, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well.

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A New Report Hints that Fall Will Bring an Increase in the Number of West Nile Virus Cases

west nile prevention victoria texasWhen you think of fall you don’t normally think of an increased and more aggressive mosquito population. You’re probably thinking of football, cooler days and nights, and Halloween. But a recent news article suggests that not only will we be facing a more aggressive mosquito population this fall, but we way see an increase in the number of West Nile virus cases.

mosquito control Victoria TXWhile you may have gotten into your comfort zone outdoors and are not worrying about being bitten by annoying, flying insects, we may be in for the worst part of the mosquito season here in Victoria. According to the article by KEYE TV, “We’re really just heading into our peak West Nile season now,” said Zettel Nalen. With forecasts for a rainy October, we may very well see high mosquito levels all throughout fall.

west nile prevention victoria texasJust as logic would dictate, the more mosquitoes that are out and biting people, the more likely it is that some of those mosquitoes are infected with West Nile virus. Keep your yard free from these potentially disease carrying pests. Mosquito Squad of Victoria can make certain your yard is not a breeding ground, nor an open cafeteria for them to feed upon you, your family or your pets. Don’t forget, not only can you and your family members be infected with diseases by mosquitoes, but so too can your pets. In fact, the most common way your dog or cat is infected with potentially lethal heartworms is by the bite of a mosquito. Call the professionals to let you take your yard back.

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Victoria TX Mosquito Control Can Help Prevent West Nile Virus Carriers from Raiding Your Yard

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While summer is dwindling away, we are far from the end of mosquito season.
While the summer is nearing its end, mosquito season is not over yet. In fact, we probably have a couple of months of solid mosquito activity. Our climate is extremely hospitable to mosquitoes and their breeding process. Mosquitoes need temperatures in the upper 70’s to maintain a steady feeding and breeding regimen; we maintain this temperature for much longer than other areas in the country and coupled with our rainfall, this means even more mosquitoes. So far, there have been 16 confirmed cases of West Nile virus in Texas with at least one fatality. While Chikungunya may be the new kid on the block, the threat from West Nile virus is still greater at this current time. With a strong foothold and and abundance of mosquitoes to transmit West Nile virus, we consider it the biggest threat to people in our area.

asian tiger mosquitoes in victoria texas
Know how to keep you, your family and your pets safe from mosquito-borne illnesses.
Several counties in Texas are currently conducting large area-ground sprays due to the immense mosquito activity and the risk of more people being infected with West Nile virus. While the bulk of the mosquito season may seem behind us, it clearly is not. Just yesterday (August 24, 2014) sprays were conducted in large areas, and in some smaller more specifically targeted areas in order to prevent the threat of the West Nile virus. While West Nile virus is transmitted from mosquitoes feeding on birds, Chikungunya is transmitted specifically from mosquitoes feeding on an infected human. The risk of Chikungunya (only at this moment) is much less than that of West Nile virus. But we are in the vicinity of all the counties which have been most impacted by both these mosquito-borne illnesses.

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Mosquito Squad of Victoria is here to keep your yard pest free! Give us a call today!
According to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention map, just northeast of Victoria, Texas are a cluster of counties where the West Nile virus has spiked this year. It is important to note that these are only confirmed cases. It is both highly likely and highly possible for people to become infected with West Nile virus and not feel sick enough to visit a doctor; it is also possible that due to the vagueness of the symptoms tied to West Nile virus, people don’t think to mention it to a doctor if they even make the often expensive trip to see a physician. With Labor Day coming upon us, outdoor festivities are once again a priority for many people. Mosquito Squad of Victoria offers special event sprays to combat your back yard’s mosquito population. While our season long barrier spray offers actual season long protection, in certain instances our event sprays can be just what you need. Whether you are having a cookout at your home, or you want to have a cookout in the park, Mosquito Squad of Victoria can provide you with the protection against mosquitoes and the diseases they carry. Don’t get caught with your guard down just because it seems like summer is almost over. We can help take you and your guest off the dinner menu at your Labor Day outdoor event. We will come and spray the area leaving no odor nor residue, only deceased mosquitoes and a mosquito free zone. For any information regarding West Nile virus, or how to maintain a mosquito free Labor Day event, give us a call at (361) 894 – 8642 or email us at victoria@mosquitosquad.com.