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With the Mosquito Population Reaching a Critical Mass, Victoria TX Mosquito Control is of the Utmost Importance

zika virus prevention victoria texasMosquitoes are a constant nuisance. They arrive at your BBQ, they show up for your summertime get togethers and they can even ruin a relaxing evening in your yard after a long day of work – they’re everywhere. While they are undoubtedly a nuisance, it’s important to note they are the deadliest animal on the entire planet. The reason they’re so dangerous is simple, they are highly capable of carrying and transmitting debilitating and sometimes deadly viruses to humans and pets.

mosquito control in Victoria TXWhen you go outdoors, don’t you want to know your yard is a “no fly zone” for mosquitoes? Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy a nice summertime cookout without being constantly bitten by potentially disease carrying mosquitoes? Mosquito Squad of Victoria can come to your home and reduce the mosquito population within your yard by up to 90%! With all the rain and standing water we have, in abundance, ensuring you, your family and your pets aren’t on the menu for mosquitoes is a huge concern. Especially with the potential for being infected with viruses such as West Nile virus, Chikungunya, and the Zika virus, your yard should be a sanctuary in which you can enjoy relaxing or simply having friends over without being constantly bitten.

ZIka prevention victoria texasThrough our barrier application, we can knock down existing mosquitoes within your yard and, as the name implies, create a barrier which will deter mosquitoes from entering your yard. If they do land in your yard where the application was put down, they too will be eradicated. So, if you’re looking for a respite from the ever growing mosquito population, call the experts at Mosquito Squad of Victoria. Through our highly effective barrier spray you can enjoy the rest of the summer and fall without being inundated by unwanted blood sucking pests. It’s something we excel at and are extremely proud of our ability to do so.

mosquito feeding in the evening in victoria txTo keep your yard from becoming a safe haven for mosquitoes, call Mosquito Squad of Victoria today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at, fill out the form to the upper right or visit our website for even more information. We look forward to your call!


With 19 Cases of Chikungunya Being Confirmed in Texas, Victoria Mosquito Control is More Important Than Ever

mosquito exterminator Victoria TXDisease carrying mosquitoes are in full swing. The mosquito population is sure to surge as we approach cooler temperatures than we have been seeing here in Victoria. With 19 confirmed cases of the newest vector-borne illnesss, Chikungunya, in Texas, it’s imperative to turn to the professionals at Mosquito Squad of Victoria. We can ensure that you, your family, and your guests won’t be exposed to potential disease carrying mosquitoes with a misting system by MistAway®.

mosquito control in Victoria TXAccording to a recent article, “State health officials say 19 Texans have now come down with the mosquito-borne illness known as Chikungunya…Chikungunya virus causes high fever and severe joint pain that start suddenly. It can also cause headache, muscle pain and rash. Chikungunya does not often result in death, but the symptoms can be disabling, and some people may get severe complications. There is no specific medication available to treat Chikungunya and there is not a vaccine. Avoiding mosquito bites is the key to avoid Chikungunya”.

Mistaway mosquito misting systemA mosquito misting system can help keep your yard completely free of mosquitoes all day long, everyday. Your custom mosquito misting system can be set to perform sprays at set times, or can be manually activated. The high-tech system even has a wind sensor to detect whether or not it should perform a misting spray if the wind speeds are too high. Mosquito Squad of Victoria is always looking to utilize the newest and most effective methods of mosquito control. MistAway® mosquito misting systems are truly the most effective, advanced mosquito misting system on the market. We, Mosquito Squad of Victoria, are proud to be able to install these amazing systems which provide the best of the best in mosquito control.

Mistaway mosquito misting systemTo see how Mosquito Squad of Victoria can set your yard up with its very own custom mosquito misting system, call us today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

A Mistaway® Mosquito Misting System Can Keep Your Yard Completely Under Your Control in Regards to All Biting and Stinging Pests

event sprays Victoria TXAs you prepare for your Labor Day weekend, is your yard going to be a free-for-all for the local mosquitoes? Are you and your guests going to be exposed to hundreds of mosquitoes that are finally coming back out due to the recent cool down here in Victoria TX? An excellent way of keeping your yard free of stinging and bloodsucking pests is by way of a mosquito misting system by Mistaway®. The recent upgrades in mosquito misting system technology has taken mosquito control in Victoria TX to a whole other level.

Mistaway mosquito misting systemThe great thing about a Mistaway® mosquito misting system is its compactness, and its ability to ensure your yard is completely free of biting and bloodsucking pests. You can set your sprays extremely easily to be performed at set times, and you can keep the system off if you’re not using it. Want to activate the system and begin a spray while watching the football game? All you have to have is a smartphone or tablet and you can just utilize the iMistaway app to activate your mosquito misting system. Truly, this is a case where technology really makes life easier.

Mistaway mosquito misting systemThe other great things about the Mistaway® mosquito misting system are its built-in capabilities. The system itself will send us notifications alerting us, Mosquito Squad of Victoria, if there are any issues with the system. The system will alert us if there are any leaks, or if your misting solution is running low. For you, it is a “set it and forget it” type system. You won’t have to be concerned about having people show up to your property to perform sprays, and you don’t have to worry about calling if the mosquito activity has gone back up considerably since your last mosquito misting. You can easily activate a manual spray by the misting system to take care of any mosquitoes that suddenly pop up in your backyard.

mosquito misting system Victoria TXTo see how to get your yard equipped with the latest and best in mosquito control technology in Victoria TX, give Mosquito Squad of Victoria a call today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

While the Mosquito Activity Seems Low at the Moment, Once Cooler Weather Arrives That All Could Change

mosquito population in Victoria TXWith all the immense amounts of rain we received over the past month and a half, one might expect to see the mosquito population and activity booming. This normally holds true, however, with the temperatures soaring into the triple digits on the heat index, we are noticing it’s simply too hot for the mosquitoes. An unfortunate prediction for us in Victoria, Texas is that once temperatures cool down even slightly, we will begin to see the mosquito activity shoot through the roof.

mosquito exterminator Victoria TXIt appears there will be a price to pay for cooler temperatures here in Victoria. Undoubtedly we will receive more rain during the cool down period and mosquitoes that laid eggs a month or two ago (some mosquito eggs can lay dormant for up to 7 years!) will finally have the perfect combination to hatch in record numbers. While this is merely speculation, it is more than likely to occur. With Texas leading the nation in the fight against West Nile virus and Eastern equine encephalitis, it is important to ensure you take the necessary precautions before the mosquito population gets out of control.

asian tiger mosquitoes in victoria texasMosquito Squad of Victoria can apply our barrier spray to your home’s yard and in turn reduce the chances you and your family members have of coming into contact with potentially disease carrying mosquitoes. Specifically when it comes to mosquito control in Victoria TX, being proactive is the best counter to protecting you and your loved ones from hoards of hungry mosquitoes. By taking care of the problem before it actually becomes a problem, your yard will be completely free of any unwanted biting and stinging pests for the remainder of these warm months ahead of us.

victoria texas mosquito controlTo see how Mosquito Squad of Victoria can rid your yard of mosquitoes and allow you to enjoy your yard for the remainder of these warm months here in Victoria, call us today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

We Target and Remove Mosquitoes from Your Yard, But That’s Not All We Do

spider control Victoria TXWe at Mosquito Squad of Victoria would like to let all of our current and potential customers to understand how our barrier sprays really work. While mosquitoes are our main target, because it’s included in our name, our barrier sprays actually take care of much more than your pesky disease carrying mosquitoes. You would be surprised to know all the different stinging and biting pests we can also help to remove from your yard and allow you to enjoy the outdoors during the remaining summer months.

pest control Victoria TexasHave you been outside during a cookout and begin to do the same dance of trying to escape from a wasp or yellow jacket? It’s a common occurrence at nearly every outdoor event during the summertime. Through the application of our highly effective and long lasting barrier spray, your yard will be free of wasps, dirt dobbers, yellow jackets, fleas, and even spiders. You can finally relax without being bitten or stung by annoying pesky insects and rest in your backyard completely bug free.

victoria texas mosquito controlIf you’re yard is buzzing with angry, annoying, biting and stinging pests and simply want to take your yard back, call the professionals. To see how truly effective a barrier spray by Mosquito Squad of Victoria really is, call us today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to helping you take your yard back!

Mosquito Population Levels Have Researchers Concerned About Possibility of Chikungunya Transmission

asian tiger mosquito in victoria texasThe vast amount of rain we have received here in Texas as a whole has researchers concerned that the mosquito population will be the worst in a decade. With increased numbers of mosquitoes comes the increased likelihood of the local transmission of diseases like West Nile Virus, Dengue Fever, and Chikungunya. While Chikungunya has not been locally transmitted, the climate of several areas of Texas is perfect for the disease to exist and gain a stronghold.

mosquito control Victoria TXAccording to a recent article, “Surges in mosquito populations in addition to raising concerns about annoying, itchy bites, have also raised concerns regarding West Nile virus.” Simply put, the more rain we experience, the higher the mosquito population will be. The more mosquitoes, the more likely it is that someone will be bitten and infected by a mosquito. There are several species of mosquitoes in our area capable of transmitting West Nile virus, such as the Asian Tiger mosquito and the southern house mosquito.

mosquito exterminator Victoria TXIt is extremely important to remain vigilant in regards to protecting you and your family members from these biting, disease carrying pests. Mosquito Squad of Victoria can make sure your yard is free of biting, stinging, annoying, itching mosquitoes and allow you to enjoy your yard without fear of being bitten by a disease carrying bloodsucker.

victoria texas mosquito controlTo see how Mosquito Squad of Victoria can ensure you, your family and your pets are not on mosquitoes’ dinner menu, call us today at 361-894-8642, email us at, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

With Mosquito Squad of Victoria’s Event Sprays, You Can Make Certain Your Fourth of July Party is Completely Mosquito Free

event sprays Victoria TXThis coming weekend is the Fourth of July. It is a day to be enjoyed by everyone as we celebrate our country’s independence. While you and your guests are mingling at your cookout this weekend, make sure that mosquitoes are not on the guest list. Not only are mosquitoes highly annoying and may have your guests literally itching to leave, but they also are capable of carrying diseases. Mosquito Squad of Victoria can ensure you and your guests are not on the dinner menu for mosquitoes at your Fourth of July cookout.

event sprays Victoria TXHere in Victoria we have seen quite a bit of rain over the past several weeks. This undoubtedly created numerous new breeding areas for mosquitoes. This means that the mosquito population is sure to be much higher than average. Mosquito activity during the day, unfortunately, is right around dinner time. As the evening approaches, the mosquito activity is sure to surge. Thus, right when everyone is about to take a bite into their burger or hot dog, mosquitoes will be out looking for something they can bite into.

pest control Victoria TexasBy applying our barrier spray prior to your Fourth of July cookout, your guests will be none the wiser. Our barrier application won’t leave any strong odors or residue. The only thing your guests will possibly notice is the lack of mosquitoes in your yard. Not only will mosquitoes not be present for your Fourth of July cookout, but neither will most other stinging and biting insects.

event sprays Victoria TXTo see how Mosquito Squad of Victoria can keep your Fourth of July cookout free of biting, stinging and bloodsucking pests, give us a call today at , email us at, or visit our website. We very much look forward to helping you take your yard back!