Equestrian Mosquito Misting Systems in Victoria TX are Becoming Increasingly Important

mosquito misting system Victoria TXAs more and more cases of Eastern Equine Encephalitis (EEE) continue to pop up throughout our area, the need for adequate measures of keeping mosquitoes from biting your horses is all the more important. Mosquito Squad of Victoria has the ability to install a misting system for any size job. Whether you have one horse, or an entire stable full of horses, your mosquito misting system can be installed to fit any size area. Not only do mosquito misting systems make sure you don’t have to rely on someone coming out to spray, but they also run on smart technology that allows for notifying us if anything begins to act up within your system.

mosquito misting system Victoria TXNot only are mosquito misting systems excellent for keeping your horses safe from potentially disease carrying mosquitoes, but they are also great for keeping your waterfront property clear of unwanted pests. Mistaway’s misting system will keep your dock free of spiders, flies, and other biting and stinging insects. The best part about the misting system is that the misting solution is peppermint scented, and in the case you don’t like the smell of peppermint, there is also the option of making the misting solution nearly 100% scent free.

mosquito misting system Victoria TXWith the help from our friends at Mistaway, your yard, equestrian center, or boat dock can be completely free of mosquitoes, spiders, yellow jackets, and many other annoying pests. Through the iMistaway app on your smartphone, your yard’s misting cycle can be completely customized right from your fingertip.

mosquito misting system Victoria TXTo see how a mosquito misting system can keep your yard, barn, or dock free of mosquitoes all year-round, call Mosquito Squad of Victoria at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at victoria@mosquitosquad.com, or visit our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


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