Mosquito Squad of Victoria Can Keep the Mosquitoes from Ruining Your Upcoming Cookouts

event spray for mosquitoes Victoria TXThis time of year, nearly everyone enjoys going to a cookout. Whether it be a graduation ceremony, Memorial Day cookout, or just a gathering of friends, cookouts are seemingly universally enjoyed. That is, until everyone at your cookout is being eaten alive by mosquitoes. We at Mosquito Squad of Victoria believe you should be able to enjoy your yard anytime of the year. Through the application of our barrier spray, your graduation party, Memorial Day cookout, or just a weekend cookout will be free of biting and stinging insects.

victoria texas mosquitoes swarmingThe peak time of activity for mosquitoes just happens to be around dinner time. We can take these pesky bloodsuckers off your guest list and ensure that your party or cookout is enjoyed by nearly everyone, except the mosquitoes. Our barrier spray will knock down existing mosquitoes and, as the name implies, create a barrier which other mosquitoes will not enter. Victoria TX mosquito control is something we take pride in because we know how effective our solution is. We guarantee your party or cookout will be bug free and you won’t notice any lingering scent or residue from the spray.

event sprays for mosquitoes in Victoria TXIf you’re planning to have a Memorial Day cookout or graduation ceremony, we recommend signing up for a spray now. With the amount of rain we’ve experienced in the past few weeks, the mosquito population will continue to rise and we will be out performing more and more sprays. So please, make sure not to wait until the last minute to decide to have your yard treated for mosquitoes. Also, don’t forget that with our season-long package we will continuously come to your home and spray your yard without you needing to remember to call us. It helps to eliminate at least one thing from your to-do-list.

mosquito control Victoria TXTo see how extremely effective Mosquito Squad of Victoria is at removing unwanted biting an stinging pests from your yard, call us today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at, or visit our website to see what our previous customers have to say about us. We look forward to hearing from you!


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