Chikungunya Has Begun Being Spread By Local Mosquitoes

victoria texas mosquitoes swarmingThe time scientists and the public have feared has arrived. Chikungunya has been transmitted locally in the United States. Whereas prior cases of Americans being diagnosed with the newer vector-borne illness were when travelers returned from areas where Chikungunya is prominent, now for the first time it has been transmitted within the United States. With a moist and warm climate like we have here in Victoria, Texas, it is an area of real concern that we, too, could see cases. The time for mosquito control is more important than ever.

asian tiger mosquito in victoria texasAccording to Kansas State University infectious disease expert Stephen Higgs, “Anywhere that’s warm and humid and can sustain mosquitoes year round. so Florida, Texas, any of those Southern states, it could happen.” In reference to whether or not Chikungunya could become established in these areas, the infectious disease expert didn’t mince words. With the correct conditions, we could be looking at the addition of another mosquito-borne illness that is in a word, debilitating.

mosquito feeding in the evening in victoria txTo see our previous article on the entirety of Chikungunya, click here. Chikungunya is known for causing severe joint pain, so severe in several cases that it is considered disabling. Several of the unfortunate victims of this vector-borne illness were hospitalized simply due to the sheer amount of pain they were experiencing. The most unfortunate thing about being infected with Chikungunya is that there’s no treatment other than pain medication to subdue the amount of pain. This is truly unsettling news.

mosquito control of Victoria In order to reduce the mosquito population within your yard and, in turn, reduce your chances of coming into contact with mosquitoes carrying any kind of disease, our barrier sprays offer excellent protection. Through our barrier sprays, your yard will be cleared of existing mosquitoes and the spray acts as a literal barrier for which mosquitoes will not enter. To see how to get protection from mosquitoes in your Victoria yard, call us today at (361) 894 – 8642, email us at, or visit our website. We hope to hear from you soon.


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