Did You Know Texas is Second in the Nation in West Nile Virus Cases?

asian tiger mosquitoes in victoria texas
Know how to keep you, your family and your pets safe from mosquito-borne illnesses.
It is a known fact: mosquitoes need moist areas with standing water to reproduce. It would seem there are quite a few areas in Texas that would not be hospitable for mosquitoes to exist; this is true, but people’s yards replace the natural means of mosquito reproduction. Standing water in flower pots, clogged gutters, and any other area in your yard where standing water exists is serving as a mosquito breeding cesspool. One of the more common and overlooked items in a yard that makes mosquito reproduction so prevalent is a simple birdbath. By facilitating mosquito breeding, you are inadvertently helping mosquitoes reproduce and further cause potential danger to you, your family and your pets.

victoria_texas_mosquito_control_bird_bathGarden bird baths seem like the most benign objects on the planet. It’s simply a place for birds to come and cleanse themselves in your yard, but it comes with potentially highly dangerous guests. In the eyes of a mosquito, a bird bath is the ideal place to lay its eggs. Standing water in a bucket is the ideal location for a mosquito or mosquitoes to lay their eggs, and that’s all a bird bath is. In fact, mosquitoes use bird baths as breeding facilities so frequently, certain states are issuing summons to property owners with bird baths as part of a vector control inspection work order. It’s a bit like a paradox, having standing water in a bird bath is in some states a violation of the health code. Mosquito control in Victoria is our specialty, we know how to apply larvacides that kill the eggs without injuring the birds that come to visit your yard’s birdbath.

west nile prevention victoria texasAccording to a recent article,”The majority of people infected with West Nile virus show no symptoms. Twenty percent get flu-like aches and fever, and only 1.5 percent develop the most severe neuroinvasive form of the disease. Ten percent of those who get very sick, die”. With Texas being second in the nation in cases of West Nile virus, we’re pretty sure nobody likes those percentages. That’s why we get rid of all mosquitoes in your yard. One mosquito landing on you, your family or one of your pets is too many mosquitoes in our opinion. Protect your family and pets from mosquitoes and the dangers they present; when it comes to Victoria, Texas mosquito control, we are the ones to turn to in order to solve your mosquito problems. While it seems summer is over and mosquitoes are dying off, we still have several weeks, depending upon the weather, of mosquito breeding left. It only needs to be 75 degrees for mosquitoes to both reproduce and feed and near full strength. If you have any questions regarding mosquito extermination, or questions about West Nile virus in Victoria, give us a call at (361) 894 – 8642 or email us at victoria@mosquitosquad.com.


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