Update on Mosquito Squad of Victoria’s New Location Opening Party

victoria texas tick control
Mosqutio Squad of Victoria is having a grand opening party, everyone’s invited!
As you’ve noticed in our previous articles, we now have a new storefront and are getting it prepared for its official opening. We are going to be having a party for the entire town to attend. So, stop by on October 16th between 5pm and 8:30pm and see what we have going on! We really hate to ruin the surprise aspect of how nice the event will be, but here goes anyway: We will have a professionally catered event with a professional chef creating delicious food for everyone. We will of course have beer and wine and the event is also BYOB (bring your own bottle). We will also have dessert for everyone; in fact, enough dessert to feed the entire town. We’ll have something along the lines of regular white cake, chocolate cake and red velvet cake. You will not believe what the cakes are going to look like! You will just have to stop by and find out! Trust us, this is something you will not want to miss out on. Also, stay tuned for other various events we will be a part of within Victoria. You never really know what we’re up to, we’re pretty much going to be everywhere!


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