Victoria Texas’ Mosquito and Pest Control Just Got a New Home

Your number one provider of relief from all the biting, stinging, bloodsucking bugs, Mosquito Squad of Victoria Texas, has a new home! We are located at 1312 Sam Houston Victoria, TX 77901. We are a joint business with both Mosquito Squad of Victoria and Renew Crew of Victoria sharing the same space. We will now be a much more visible and noticeable business for any and all of your pest killing needs. If you ever have any questions regarding mosquito control in Victoria, Texas or tick control in Victoria, Texas, just drop in and ask! We are here to serve our community and educate the members of this great city on what is going on in the world of mosquitoes and other biting pests. Swing on by and let us know if you have been getting eaten alive by mosquitoes, we’ll let you know what it would take to rid your yard of bugs effectively and immediately.

Now that we have an official location, community involvement is something we strive to strengthen. We will be giving away candy on Halloween, so swing on by for some free candy. We look forward to getting to know everyone in town and better establishing ourselves as the go-to company when pertaining to ridding your yard of biting, stinging and bloodsucking bugs. We want everyone to know we have a physical location so we can always be reached in person; no operator putting you on hold, just come on in. In the coming weeks we will be having several events and be involved in several local events, so stay tuned!



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