Pesky Pests in the Winter

In winter as the nights are longer and the temperatures are cooler, it doesn’t mean that you are safe from pests this winter. Yes, maybe the mosquitoes and ticks that Mosquito Squad protects against are hiding until spring, but there are bugs that are not only present, but moving indoors this time of the year. (I saw a mosquito inside at my brother’s just last week and he lives in another town and doesn’t have Mosquito Squad.)

Many mosquito species live through the winter as adults usually in warmer climates. In fall, the mosquitoes mate and the males die. Only females spend the cold months hidden in protected places, such as hollow logs or animal burrows. When warm weather returns, the females must first find a bloodmeal to develop her eggs. Just when you’re outside enjoying the spring weather, the newly awakened mosquito moms are out in force, looking for blood. Once they’ve fed, the female mosquitoes lay their eggs in whatever standing water they can find.

From spiders and stink bugs to roaches and ants, winter forces some pests indoors for shelter. We know that isn’t a fun idea to take in, so here are a few tips to minimize the number of bugs coming indoors.

Look for entry points and close them up. Bugs are small so it isn’t surprising they can make their way into tiny holes. Walk around your home and make note of areas where you think bugs may be able to make their way in. That small space between the door and the frame or that small tear in your screen are easy places for a bug to work its way inside.

Walk around your home and take note of any plants or branches that are touching your home’s structure. Crawling bugs will use those plants as a way to move inside in the cooler months. It’s a best practice all year round to keep vegetation from touching your home due to pests.

Be careful of your firewood. Who doesn’t love to curl up in front of a fire on a cold winter’s night? I know I do. When going outside to gather wood for your next fire, pay attention to what is coming inside with you. Ants and roaches are known to nest in wood piles and can easily take a ride indoors with you if you aren’t careful. Raising your wood off the ground is a good way to cut down on the number of bugs in your pile.

Wrap up leftovers tightly. One of the reasons pests move indoors is that they can find food sources away from the cold. Make sure to cover or wrap all food up tightly if left on the counter. Be careful to pick up any crumbs that fall on the floor as well, those crumbs are perfect for pests.

Bugs, unfortunately, are never all gone or gone forever, but small steps like these will cut down on the number of critters you are sharing your home with.  Before the warm weather comes around again, Mosquito Squad will be here to help you with those outdoor pests!


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